07 November 2008

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Starting time :8.30 pm

Name : ummiayu

Sisters : 2 (along & ateh)

Brothers : 3 (uda, acik & adik)

Shoe size : 7 and 8

Height : 163 cm

Where do you live : Bayan Baru

Have you ever been on a plane : ya...rasa mcm luruh jantung sepanjang dalam plane...takut beb

Swam in the ocean : pernah...kecepak-kecepuk kat situ jugak..tak reti swim ler...

Fallen asleep at school : tak jugak coz dok kat depan sekali...murid kesayangan ni.

Broken someone’s heart : cerita lama usah dikenang

Fell off your chair : tak pernah...terrer kan...

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : pirate always calling-calling his queen everynight...tu yang kena tunggu tu.

Saved e-mails : Yes

What is your room like : yang ok je...janji blh tido'

What’s right beside you : My purse

What is the last thing you ate : just now...laksa

Ever had Chicken pox : once in my life...jangan la kena sekali lagi...tak tahan gatal ...kena tido atas banana leaves lagi

Sore throat : sometime

Stitches : Yes... sapa ibu2, pikirkan la yer

Broken nose : NO

Do you Believe in love at first sight : erm...

Like picnics : ha kalau dapat pi Air Terjun Sagil kat Johor...syokkk gilerr

Who was were the last person you danced with : Pernah ke?

Last time u laugh: ngan aiza (lawak giler) ari ape yer, can't remember. aiza, hang tau sendiri na...pasai apa...

You last yelled at : 2 pirate Jr. Notty boy

Kissed anyone : hihihi

Get sick : once a month (ulcer)

Talk to an ex : erm..

Miss someone : my family at malacca, of course

Who do you really hate: hipokrit...cakap tak serupa bikin...benci

Do you like your hand-writing : Boleh la

Are your toe nails painted : Yes with heena (inai la tu)

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : no one

What color shirt are you wearing now : orange

Are you a friendly person :
of course tapi tengok gak...kalau kat crazy people takkan nak pi sapa kot

Do you have any pets : Yes, kat kampung ada miaow. B4 married, cats always be my partner masa nak makan, masa tido....i'm really missed my cat yang dulu nama dia Come on (lawakkan nama dia)

Do you sleep with the TV on : always...selalu kena marah ngan hubby

What are you doing right now : lagi mau tanya

Can you handle the truth : Yes even sometimes very pahit to go thru

Are you closer to your mother or father : Both of them, but mak everything i share ngan dia...rahsia @ problem i mesti habaq kat dia (b4 kawin, lepas kawin sure hubby i)

Do you eat healthy : Not really

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : no comment (wah mcm artis lak jawab cam tu)

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Absolutely my Hubby and cry at his shoulder :(

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : depends at the situation

Are you confident : Yes (sometimes)

5 things I was doing in past 10 years
1) Study at Kolej Yayasan Melaka and i met with my Pirate pada Dinner kolej. Terus jadi King & Queen of the night.
2) 1st time in my life work at factory, jadi minah karan a.k.a minah kilang
3) Still stay with my parent. I'm the only of their daughter yang tak penah keluar study @ kerja luar dari melaka. (anak mak ni)
4) Get married with hubby & shifted to Penang in year 2002
5) Precious moment in my life when i'm delivered my 1st son in year 2003

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1) Of course go for umrah and Hajj. Kalau boleh nak bawak satu kampung
2) Savings for my future
3) Round all over the world, holidays
4) Buat Biz sendiri, ada produk sendiri
5) Bersedekah

I am living in
1) Malacca
2) Penang


aim-a said...

hai..salam kenal :D sy pun minat awan dania :D

~LEEN~ said...

salam.. sy minat gak awan, letakla cbox..leh slalu dtg n borak2.. =) jemput ke blog sy eh..